Songfile is the fast and easy way to license and cover our songs for

physical, digital, ringtones and interactive streaming distribution: 

(For Songfile and copyright purposes, Joel Evans is listed under his given name: Joe Lervold)

By properly licensing your recordings, you ensure that the proper publishers and songwriters are paid! 

Songfile is a limited quantity mechanical licensing application that gives all users the tools to license copyrighted works. We have made it easy for users to pay the proper royalties to publishers and songwriters for their work! 

Songfile can be used to get mechanical licenses for:Up to 2,500 units of physical recordings (CDs, cassettes, vinyl), permanent digital downloads and ringtones made and distributed in the U.S.Up to 10,000 interactive streams per song. Please note that the Harry Fox Agency only grants mechanical licenses for units that are manufactured and distributed in the U.S. All processing is done online, and in most cases, you will have your license in 24 hours.