Each time we meet I get an overwhelming feeling:
Why not reveal the magic we have been concealing?
And since our hearts have known the art of painful healing,
Why not give love a chance?

Why shouldn’t we allow the spark to turn to fire?
We haven’t lost the dreams that fill us with desire,
I’m convinced together we can fly much higher,
Why not give love a chance?

When I’m with you
Everything about my life is new
Something wonderful is breaking through…
You’re what I’ve waited for so long.
We’ve both been there
In relationships that went nowhere
That lonely life is gone…
Shouldn’t we move on?

We can pretend our lives are truly just beginning…
Create a world where our devotion keeps it spinning,
A celebration of the prize that we’ll be winning
A never-ending romance…
On this journey we should take
There’s so much music we could make…
Why not give love a chance?