Make the night last,
Spend it with me
Time moves so fast
And I need more with you.
Tell me you’ll stay a moment longer…
Maybe two or three…
Make the night last…with me.

Think what you’ll miss
If you should go
One loving kiss
In a dream made for two
Tell me you’ll spend an hour longer…
Til the moonlight’s gone…
Make the night last… til dawn.

Every day is one that we borrow,
Never know if we’ll be here, or not.
Can’t say what life will bring tomorrow
Tonight’s the only night we’ve got.

Here in my heart
You are the one
Let me be part…
Of that magic you do.
Say you’ll be staying with me longer…
Like I hoped you would…
Make the night last…for good.
I’d love it if you could…
Make the night last…for good.

©2013 Joel Evans & Adryan Russ