I used to keep the past inside,
Dig up remains of dreams that died
I thought life was never new
Until my heart discovered you.

While looking back I could not see
The ancient clouds that covered me
Then you appeared out of the blue
And my heart discovered you..

Stuck among the ruins of old heartaches
I Iived only where mem'ries would allow,
But since you've come into my life
I like it here. I like it now.

I see a bright world in your eyes,
In every day a new surprise.
I am younger than I ever knew
Since my heart discovered you.

Now I thank the stars in the heavens
For giving me this treasure to hold.
There's love in my life, a song in my heart.
I've struck it rich, I found my gold.

No longer set in my old ways
I'm seeing signs of softer days,
My rocky life has turned to honeydew
Since my heart discovered you.