The moments in life we tend to recall

Are gifts that we never expected at all

Colorful memories painted on the heart,

Treasured recollections, precious works of art.

The moments in life I cherish are few

Heavenly music that I danced with you. .

Each of them sings with a lingering refrain

Melodies of sunlight, words as soft as rain.

Journeys we discovered

Through never-ending doors

Lovely champagne sunsets

Shared on rippling shores.
Times we spoke of fantasies  
Inside the dreams we caught,

Times we didn’t have to speak

We knew each other’s thought.

The moments in life I’ll never forget

Began with the magic when you and I met

What would I do if we found ourselves back then?

Savor every one of them again.

The moments in life that never will fade

Are wrapped ‘round the promises you and I made

Though there are some that may never come true

I’m so glad I lived in them with you.