Nights when I lie awake
Why is it you on my mind?
Oh, what a pair we make…
You know we’re two of a kind.
Neither of us admits we’re lonesome
Scared of regrets, we both have known some.
Am I shy?
I’m not gonna lie.

Look at me, so afraid.
Why can’t I say what I feel?
Maybe this love won’t fade
If I just pray that it’s real.
So many times the dreams I’ve spoken
All fell apart and wound up broken.
Do I cry?
I’m not gonna lie.

There is a lifetime we could be sharing
Crazy with love till who knows when,
How will we know till we both let go
And take the chance again?

Why not forget the past?
Let's put our fate to the test
Trust that this love will last
Then let our hearts do the rest
Do I want you to stay forever…
(And) promise me you'll be true and never
Say goodbye?
I’m not gonna lie.