1. I Never Say No


When you ask me if true love is real,
Is it just as thrilling as a Ferris wheel?
Will I always tell you everything I feel?
I never say no.

When you ask if we can catch a star
Keep the starlight twinkling in a jelly jar?
Will I always treasure all the things you are?
I never say no.

I love you to the nth degree…
Easy for me to confess Easily I will confess
You know you’re the world to me,
That’s why I always say, “Yes!”

When you ask if home is where we’ll stay…
In our cozy sandbox where we both can play,
Will I always love you like I do today?
I never say no.

I love you to the moon and back
I’m on your magical tour,
Where’d you get that secret knack
(For) making me smile and say “Sure!”

When you ask me for a wish or two,
Will I give my all to make your dreams come true?
Do I think I want to spend my life with you?
Oh, how you make my heart glow…
Wish anything, and I’ll make it so…
I never say no.