Imagine you, imagine me
Imagine presents underneath the Christmas tree.
And when the fam’ly’s gone to sleep,
You look at me — I look at you…
And finally it’s Christmas time for two.

Can you imagine cozy love
In our fav’rite spot with Mistletoe above?
I see the sparkle in your eyes
It’s a mesmerizing view…
Christmas time for two.

Music playing softly on the radio
A crackling fire to warm us with a golden glow,
Gratefully we celebrate a welcome pause,
Sneaking milk and cookies that were left for Santa Claus.

An hour or two of sweet romance
Alone together in a picture-perfect dance.
Imagine when we dim the lights...
The magic we will do…
Christmas time for two.

And when the family's fast asleep
We can make a wish come true…
Christmas time for two.