Patrick Tuzzolino: Vocal, Bass: Dan Feizli, Guitar: Brian Monroney
Writers: Joe Lervold (BMI) 50%, Andre Pessis (ASCAP) 50%
Publishers: One Hundred Percent Publishing (BMI) 50%, Endless Frogs Music (ASCAP - 50%)


You’re pink champagne
You’re Claire de Lune
A cultured string of pearls
And I’m John Wayne
All attitude
We live in different worlds
You’re Brahms, I’m jazz, as different as
Little boys and girls
What are we doing in love?

You’re wild and sweet
A woman child
A social butterfly
I’m tongue in cheek
A wink and smile
Irreverent kind of guy
A wing and prayer unlikely pair
Seldom eye-to-eye
What are we doing in love?

And yet, we’re in perfect harmony
A heavenly duet
Beautiful chemistry
As good as it gets

And so we dance
That ancient dance
Of opposites attract
A mystery
A bonafide class act
Safe and sound on shaky ground
A strange and natural fact
What are we doing in love?