Thanks for the way…
The sun lit your smile when daylight would break
Omelettes) and coffee with the plans that we'd make
Early morning walks along the beach in Mazatlán…
Sweet mem’ries linger on.
Thanks for the days
Of chateaubriand in Parisian cafés,
Red valentines and rainbow bouquets
Matinées that made us yawn, afternoons with Monet and Cezanne
Sweet mem’ries linger on.
Remember, how often we vowed
We’d never sing this song, and then…
How we had to laugh out loud…
When we caught each other singing it again.

Thanks for the night
Of sparking champagne and soft candlelight
The summer kindled by love at first sight
Starry moonlit evenings that drifted into dawn…
Sweet mem’ries linger on. 

Thanks for the dance
The magical whirl we strutted and swayed
The fights we fought and the love that we made.
Here inside my heart, I know they’ll never be gone…
Sweet mem’ries linger on.